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5 Stress Relief Quick Tips

Posted by Holly Stokes on December 16th, 2014

Ahh The holidays. That wonderful time of year where we get together as families and celebrate and cherish our traditions. The season is a swarm of  parties, get togethers and more evnets. And then there is the holiday shopping and the flood of holiday shoppers and traffic. Along with the cherished traditions also comes more stress. More demands on our time.  Stress Relief Tips And more demands on our resources. More expenses for parties, traveling to see family, and gift giving.

Although the holidays are about fun and celebration, they also bring more stress. Stress is a silent creeper. It can creep up on you. Many people take for granted the real cost of stress. It can affect your thinking, keeping you feeling anxious and fuzzy headed. It can also affect your decisions. It can also affect your relationships. When we are stressed, we tend to be more snappy and argumentative.

But that’s not all, stress has physical costs on our body. Stress contributes to all major diseases, it aggravates illness, saps your health, your energy, your focus, causes sleep problems and causes you to gain weight. Here’s my top quick tips to address stress this holiday season:



  1. 5 –10 Minutes in the Morning –Take 5 minutes just to be still in the morning before the chaos starts. Journaling even 5-10 minutes can help you set priorities, listen to your own thoughts and get focused for your day.


  1. Take Breaks - Take a break in your day to walk around the block, get a breath of fresh air and physically move your body. When you move opposite sides of your body at the same time, it synchronizes the hemispheres of your brain, increasing circulation and improving focus and reasoning.


  1. Use Your Commute - Get some relaxing CDs or pick a good soothing radio station. Music is one of the few activities that activates your whole brain which increases creativity and focus and well being. I often blast the radio when I’m driving and belt it out! Getting caught up in your favorite songs is a great stress reliever!


  1. Take B Complex vitamins—when you are stressed, your body burns up more B vitamins. B vitamins are essential to the body’s metabolic processes and combats stress, anxiety, depression and supports mental health. Sources of B vitamins in foods are meat, eggs, poultry, beans and vegetables.


  1. Kava Kava – I prefer taking Kava Kava in a tincture form and adding a dropper full to a glass of water. I feel it takes the edge off of stress and calms the mind. Find it at your local herb shop or health food store and ask about precautions.

There are many stress relief activities that will help calm your mind and your body, but these only take care of stress after it happens.   When you are stressed, your body physically responds to what you are thinking about. With brain training and hypnosis, we can train the brain out of mental patterns causing the stress, anxiety and unhappiness in the first place, curtailing the stress response before it starts.

Some common mental patterns that cause or heighten stress are: I need to be perfect, I need to get it right, I have to get it all done, worrying and the list goes on and on. The underlying mental patterns can be very different and unique to each person as we all have unique experience and history. What are some ways that you reduce holiday stress? Add your tips to the comments below:

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

You can train your brain out of fears, anxiety, negative thinking, self criticism, cravings, and unhappiness!

Find your life purpose, motivation and confidence with your brain!    

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Natural Approach to Pain Management

Posted by Holly Stokes on May 7th, 2014

Natural Approach for Pain Management

My colleague Craig mentioned his back pain, he’d broken his back about 6 months before and was still feeling pain from the injury. So I asked him if he wanted to a natural approach to pain management and reduce the pain by using NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  He said yes, this is the process that I guided him through. It’s amazing at how much insight we can find if we look in the right places.

Holly: Think of the back pain, imagine scanning through your body and give it a shape, notice its outline and how it feels. Now imagine shrinking your awareness down to the size of a pea, and travel from your head through your body to the area of pain. Now ask the area of discomfort, what does it want?

Craig: It wants attention.

Holly: Thank that part for communicating with you. And what will it get by having attention?

Craig: It will be noticed.

Holly: What will it get by being noticed?

Craig: It will have influence.

Holly: What will it get by having influence?

Craig: It will have input into his (Craig’s) life.

Holly: What will it have then by having input into Craig’s life?

Craig: Then I can be more in line with my life purpose.

Holly: What will you have then if you are more in line with your life purpose?

Craig: Then I’ll have fulfillment, leading a fulfilling life.

Holly: What will you have then if you have fulfillment?

Craig: Then I will have peace and connection to God.

Holly: So what this part in charge of the pain really wants is peace and connection to God. If you were to set aside time each week for peace and connection to God, what would that look like?

Craig: Well, spending about 2 hours a week working on my own self improvement.

Holly: So ask that part if it will agree to reduce the pain signal if you make a commitment to make time each week for finding peace and connection to God.

Craig: It agrees, it  will try it out and see if I follow through.

Holly: So now, I want to ask your unconscious mind and the part in charge of the back pain if it will reduce your pain, taking all the time it needs in the next few days and hours?

Craig: Yes, it wants to do it at its own rate.

A couple hours later, I checked in with Craig about how his back was doing. He said the pain was getting better, and he had more flexibility and less stiffness in his back.

I checked in with him again 24 hours later and asked how his back was doing. He said that the pain had continued to reduce and he was feeling better.

Pain is a signal telling us that something is wrong. Pain is communication from the body. And sometimes pain is a communication of not only the body, but our higher intelligence. In this case, Craig’s body and higher wisdom was wanting Craig to connect with God and find peace and it was using pain as a signal to catch his attention.

We never want to reduce pain without understanding why it is present and what’s going on with the body. This means working with your health care professionals to address your medical issues. But once the pain is understood at the physical level, then we can look for the higher intentions, and we can make agreements with the unconscious mind to reduce the pain signal.

In this process we acknowledged the part of the body in charge of pain, connected with the body’s own wisdom about the meaning of the pain, and made an agreement to fulfill the higher intentions of the pain so that the pain signal would reduce.

Often times when we experience pain, we ignore the pain or we suppress it with painkillers and we ignore the body’s communication system. If however, we recognize the intelligence of the body and work with the body’s own systems for health and healing, we can address the mental and emotional and even spiritual blocks to healing.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If something isn’t healing as expected, there could be a mental block to your healing.

Go through the process of asking your own body about the pain or work with a qualified hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner to identify your mental blocks. Hypnosis can enhance getting in touch with the body communication system.

Here’s to Your Health, Happiness, and Success

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

How Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss

Posted by Holly Stokes on March 13th, 2012

When we think of weight loss, we usually think, eat less and move more.  But weight loss is not the same for everyone. The reasons we gain weight can range from simple to very complicated.

At the simple level, we have habits like overeating or the need to clean your plate. Then, at the more complicated level, we run into cravings and lack of motivation.

Cravings are not rational and logical, they come from the unconscious mind, and that is why they are so hard to fight against. Motivation is a feeling and this also is generated from our (more…)

Will Hypnosis Work for You?

Posted by Holly Stokes on February 16th, 2012

Have you ever wondered if hypnosis will work for you? Are you curious if you can be hypnotized?

Most of what we think of when we hear hypnosis is what we see on stage – someone eating an onion as if its an apple, or quacking like a duck. In this type of hypnosis, the hypnotist uses confusational patterns to confuse the mind so that the person will take suggestion from the hypnotist, but not everyone can be hypnotized this way. The effects of this hypnosis is also short lived, when people go back to their regular life, they can still taste the difference between an onion and an apple.

In hypnotherapy, rather than confusing the person, the practitioner uses relaxation and focus techniques to allow (more…)