The Power of Intention

Posted by Holly Stokes on July 12th, 2014
Anna was living in Colorado and was tired of being a sales rep for health food stores.
She was tired of working for other people. We were talking one day about her plans.

Anna said, “I want a job that is fun and creative. I want to work with people. I want variety, I want it to be different everyday. I only want to work a few hours every day. I want to be in charge of my schedule. I want….” She went on with her list.

In the back of my mind I was thinking, “Oh honey – I don’t think you can find all that.”

But the Coach part of me knows not to limit a person’s dreams. So I stayed supportive.

A few months later, she called me from Las Vegas.

She said, “Guess what I found everything I wanted. I dress up as Tinkerbell and walk up and down the Las Vegas strip and people give me money to take pictures with them. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s different everyday, I work just a few hours in the evening and I love working with people.”

And Tinkerbell was born.

She went on, “I decided what I wanted and I wrote it down everyday in my journal for a month. Then when I moved to Las Vegas I was looking for part time gigs and found a temp job dressing up as a chorus girl in front of the casinos. I figured out if I had my own costume, I wouldn’t have to work for anyone and I could keep all my tips.”

When you create an intention, you tune your brain to be open to that possibility. As you focus on your intention you tell your unconscious mind to be on the lookout for what you desire.

You don’t need to know the how, all you need to know is the essence of what you want.

Then your mind becomes more aware of the opportunities that match and fill your desire. And you’re more likely to take action when the opportunity shows up.

What would you like to see in your life? How will you use intention?

Now the problem with intention is that it only works if you don’t have unconscious mental blocks.

If Anna had the mental block, “you can’t do what you love” it’s quite unlikely that she would have found the answer to what she was looking for.

How do you know if you have unconscious mental blocks, because they are unconscious – right?

I’m glad you asked. These unconscious mental blocks are the reason we stay stuck or struggle with the same goals over and over again. If you are not getting the results you want, you probably have an unconscious mental block.

Because these are unconscious – outside our conscious awareness, I recently developed a series of quizes to help you identify your unconscious mental blocks.

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Here’s to Your Health, Happiness, and Success,

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

Instant Confidence with NLP Tool in 5 Minutes!

Posted by Holly Stokes on April 12th, 2012

Have you ever walked into a new situation with people that you didn’t know, a new job, speaking in front of a group, or even attending a party with people you don’t know? You know that feeling of being uncomfortable, nervous and withdrawn?

I used to get the heebie jeebies speaking in front of groups. In fact, one time as a teenager, I was supposed to speak in front of my church, I had memorized a poem, and I felt pretty comfortable with it. I stood up in front of the group and about ¾ of the way in, I was so nervous that I totally forgot it. My mind was so blank – I could not (more…)

Weight Problems Are a Symptom

Posted by Holly Stokes on October 19th, 2011

Let’s keep it simple. Your unwanted behaviors – even if they are automatic – are simply behaviors and habits – or mental pathways. They are something you’ve learned, and you can learn something new. In fact, you are learning new things – and creating new neuronal pathways – all the time. By engaging your inner wisdom and working with, rather than against, the part of you in charge of the behavior, you will find it much easier to make the change – and keep it. 

This new approach engages your wisdom and transforms the behavior through compassion and awareness. By addressing these challenges with insight and wisdom, you can embrace your whole self in moving forward on the journey of life. Change can be easy and fun as you pay attention to your deeper awareness and motivations, re-‘source’ the negatives, and create alignment with the life you really want! 

The problem is not your behavior as much as what is driving your behavior. Weight problems are only a symptom. If you address the underlying meanings and use your inner awareness to refocus the part of you in charge of the behavior, you can adopt new behaviors and strategies – and the problem will transform!

Underneath all the behaviors that get in your way is an underlying desire for something positive. So, the next time you find yourself drawn to the old habit ask yourself, “What do I really want?” This is a great question to post on your refrigerator. Whenever you find yourself headed to get a snack, if you ask yourself, “what do I really want?” you can understand the cravings. 

The part of you in charge of the old behavior, the part that doesn’t want to change, is still trying to get something positive for you. There is a higher intention behind the behavior. Rather than having to go through the negative behavior to connect with the positive feeling or sense of something, it’s even more useful to connect with the sense of something first. I often hear that eating sweets is about life enjoyment. But, you don’t have to eat pastries to enjoy life. If you have limited your life enjoyment to foods, open your awareness to enjoying life in other ways. What lights you up? What brings you true joy? By spending more time doing the things you love, you’ll create inner alignment with your conscious and unconscious motives, so that you can finally have the body, life, and health you want!

This is an excerpt from my book, Lighten Up Train your Brain to Lose Weight, see more details here:

The REAL Secret

Posted by Holly Stokes on October 7th, 2011

Motivation is a key to your success. But how do you get motivated? How do you tap into your deeper self and engage your inner drive?

Chances are you’ve been holding yourself hostage with your goal, thinking you can’t feel good about yourself, or feel accomplished, until you’ve achieved the goal. No wonder you feel frustrated!

The real secret behind your goal is – it’s not really about the goal! Ask the magic question: What is this going to get for me? As you answer this question, ask this question again. Keep asking the question until you follow your answers to your plan’s higher purpose, or a ‘sense of something.’ You will find that your goal is really about a feeling, the higher purpose of your goal. And here is the secret behind the plan’s higher feeling: you don’t have to wait until you’ve achieved the goal to connect with this feeling. You can have it now!

In order to keep yourself moving forward, connect with the positive feelings you are really looking for, or what you think the goal or plan will bring you. For example, if your higher purpose of the goal (losing weight) is to feel better about you, as you focus on feeling better about you now, you’ll be more inspired to make the healthy choices that nourish and support you. The secret is, we don’t have to do anything to connect with these positive feelings – we can connect with these positive feelings now!

Many of us tend to have negative habits in how we see ourselves. For example, when you look in a mirror, what do you think to yourself? You might notice your imperfections or focus on what you don’t like. You may criticize and belittle yourself, and then expect to be motivated when you just undercut your own efforts. How do you feel when you are criticized? It probably makes you shrink back, feel small and withdrawn. Criticism saps your energy and causes you to feel down or depressed. If you are creating self-resentment through criticism, you are destroying your own motivation.

Now notice the times you were encouraged, supported and appreciated for your efforts. Were you motivated to do more, even excited and enthused? Did you stand a little taller, feel more positive and inspired to reach out beyond your old comfort zone?

As you notice what you are doing well, and appreciate yourself and your body, you will have more fuel for staying on track and motivated. If you want to find more motivation and enthusiasm for the change you are making, focus on the positives. To connect with the positive emotions you are truly looking for, you don’t have to do anything, you can feel them even as quickly as thinking about it!

This is an excerpt from my book, Lighten Up Train your Brain to Lose Weight, see more details here:

Engage your Brain for Weight Loss!

Posted by Holly Stokes on October 29th, 2010

whenever I start working with a new client, I ask, “what do you want in life?” I then typically hear about everything they don’t like, “I don’t like my job” “I don’t want to be fat anymore” “I don’t want to be single”….

When we focus on what we don’t like, we tune our mind to it. We notice the problem more, we become hyper aware of it, and the problems get bigger if only in our own mind.

As we stay  focused on what we do want- we give our mind clearer directions about what we do want.  To engage your deeper mind in working for you, give it clear directions, and you can do this through the language we use. There is a part of our mind ( our unconscious mind) that doesn’t hear negatives.

I am going to ask you not to do something…don’t think of a yellow butterfly because as you do it will turn blue and fly out the window. How well did you do with not thinking of the butterfly? Consciously, we understand don’t, but our unconscious mind uses mental pictures to interpret our words. Its these mental pictures that direct our attention and focus. These mental pictures tune our mind.

Often with weight, we talk about a weight loss goal, we may say, ” I want to lose 20 lbs.” When you say that phrase, what does it bring to your attention? The 20 lbs you don’t want!

Now say the phrase, “I desire to be my ideal healthy body” when you say this phrase, what does it draw your attention to? You even picture being the ideal healthy body and you may even feel the positive feeling of well-being that comes with feeling good about you.

Paying attention to your words is only one of the tools outlined in my book, “Lighten Up Train your Brain to Slim your Body: How to change habits, cravings and addictions for lasting weight loss success.” You can read more details at:

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Remember: Stay focused on what you want – your unconscious mind is always listening!