“Lucky” Expand your thinking

Posted by Holly Stokes on August 26th, 2010

Last week I watched the documentary on lottery winners, “Lucky.” It was fasinating to see how this big change played out for people in their lives. Some went to extravagant extremes, purchasing everything, others continued to live in the same house with only minor changes. For some it was chaos, and for others, it didn’t seem to change their life much.

What was most intriguing to me about it, one lottery winner said, “I didn’t really buy the lottery tickets to win, I played the game for the fantasy value.”  That sentence really struck me. We get into routine with our jobs, our houses, our bills, and in our routines, which can be very comfortable, we create a sense of a box. We don’t expand our thinking very far beyond what is happening within our routine.

So, I could use a little imagination in my possibilities of what could happen. It inspired me to buy a lottery ticket, but with the purpose of engaging my mind to expand my thinking of what is possible.  So now, before I let myself check the numbers, I allow my mind to mull over the idea “What if I did win the lottery? What would I do with the money?”

I think of paying things off like credit cards and student loans, I think of little fix-its like a new sofa and a porch swing, and then I let my mind wander to the bigger dreams, opening a center for human potential, a dreambuilder foundation to help people open businesses that fulfill their life purpose, and on and on.

It was interesting in the documentary to see how money changed life  for people, changing socio-economic groups, friendships, relationships, but I would wager money acts like an amplifier – giving you more of what you already have.  Do you carry fears and suspicions? Do you have good relationships? Do you love your career?

So, think a moment, what would you do if you won $100,000? What if you won $1 million, or 5 million? What would change for you? And thinking of that change, what would that allow you to have do or be that’s even more important?

Affirming Abundance in Challenging Times

Posted by admin on January 22nd, 2010

With the recent stock market challenges, struggling banks, and media coverage about our economy, times such as these remind us to re-focus on what’s most important, re-center within ourselves and maintain internal balance, and well-being.

With the perception of chaos around us, it can be easy to give sway to ideas of scarcity, difficulty and distress. However, much of what we perceive about our reality is just that – a perception. I invite you all this month with me to re-affirm positive frames of mind, to be strengthened in your personal sense of well-being, and to re-affirm that there is plenty and abundance on the planet for all.

Money Illusions: What if it’s all made-up? We’ve all heard there is no gold in Fort Knox, no real value backing the American dollar. Our money is just colored paper, something that we have all agreed has value and represents time, services, even survival and power. Most of the money that transfers these days are only digits, numbers on a computer screen. What if money is a mass hallucination that we’ve agreed to let it define who has access to products and services. I’ll admit, money is important, we need it to cover mortgages and rent, to access food (since most of us don’t grow our own). I just wonder if all this difficulty and uncertainty with our economy will help us in some way outgrow our old ideas about the currency we transfer and call money. Perhaps, it will inspire us to re-think the flow of money, and our relationship to it.

7 Steps to Affirming Abundance!
1. Use Affirmations to Boost Your Well-being. Step one to affirming your positive future is to use affirmations. Affirmations can be a powerful tool for turning around your thoughts and feelings. Affirmations direct your mind’s attention and focus, and even engage your emotions. Positive thinking leads to positive feelings, which then guides your brain to finding creative solutions. Here are some examples of Positive Affirmations:

    I am thankful for all the wealth and abundance that I am now building.
    I am enjoying all the benefits of wealth and well-being in my life
    I am thankful that I have an abundance of clothing, food, and shelter.

Notice how you feel when you say these things. The best affirmations are ones that inspire positive feelings and engage your positive emotional states.

2. The Problem with Affirmations is that to some parts of us, it may feel like it’s only sugar-coating, or even downright lies….When you are aware of internal resistance to an affirmation, then you know you’ve struck a cord of an internally held belief. A belief is only an idea, mostly formed when we were young. As we internalize beliefs, they seem like truths in that we’ve accepted them as the rules of life. (I am not talking about religious beliefs, I am talking about beliefs about how the world operates and who we are in it). The good news about beliefs is that they are only ideas, and we can change them. Even during times of difficulty, there are those who do very well. Visit the blog to find more on beliefs.

3. Identify your Internal Money Beliefs: As a child, we simply soak up the ideas about our world and internalize them – This then is perceived as the rules of how the world is and our place in it. Good clues to your internal beliefs of money are your parents’ relationships with money and especially your re-curring life patterns. Here are just a few of the common beliefs in our culture:

    You have to work hard to make money.
    Life is a struggle, you have to struggle to survive.
    Money is the root of all evil.

If these, or any other number of mal-adapted beliefs are the blueprints you are working from (even subconsciously), you will find yourself continuing to struggle, even working against yourself. How would life be different if you really knew that you always had everything you needed? Or what if your blueprint was set with “money comes easy for me!” For a more indepth look at your beliefs, take the beliefs quiz by clicking here.

4. Identify the lesson. What are you learning? What is this struggle or challenge teaching you? Once you’ve identified the lesson, it becomes much easier to move through it in a different way. How is life helping you grow into your next level of openness, trust, or encouraging you to let go of old ideas that do not work for you? Take a moment and jot down your responses, and how are you committed to embracing the positive lessons?

5. Define New Money Beliefs and Find the Evidence for it: How would you rather think and feel about money? Often, the true counter to a negative belief is more than simply the opposite. You want to create your new belief in positive language, avoid isn’t, not, etc. Here are some possible examples.

    I have everything I need; I have an abundance of food, clothing, shelter
    I live in an abundant world, just look at all the abundance of green plants, water, and rain (particularly here in the northwest).
    Money comes easily for me as I share with others

You can create an even stronger internal system if you incorporate “I am” into your new money belief
I am the sort of person who is resourceful and I can find positive ways for creating what I want

6. Envisioning Cues your Brain to Paying Attention to What you Really Want. What will new wealth allow you to have, do or be? What will you do with your wealth? How will you use it? Vision boards are great for keeping your mind focused and visually reminding you of what you want. Pictures send visual cues to your brain, which then goes to work to finding ways to make it happen. You can even ask your subconscious mind to work on the challenge while you sleep, it loves having something to do!

7. Giving Back! When you receive greater wealth, what way will you give back? How will you continue the circle of good fortune? Choose a charity, an organization, or another population less fortunate, and find even small ways to help out. When we give back, we not only get warm fuzzies for ourselves – but we also become the answers to other’s prayers! www.secondharvest.org

Note: Individual sessions with a qualified NLP Practitioner can be extremely valuable for helping you clear old blocks and internal resistance to wealth and receiving. Rather than trying to remember to combat negative thinking and feeling – an individualized session can actually train your brain with new patterns of thinking and feeling about money – no conscious battle needed. Here’s what happened for one client:

“After we went through the money belief change process, my Mom called and said she had a bunch of extra money sitting around that she didn’t need, and she said she was sending me a check for $10,000!”–Miriam,  Vancouver, WA.

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