Instant Confidence with NLP Tool in 5 Minutes!

Posted by Holly Stokes on April 12th, 2012

Have you ever walked into a new situation with people that you didn’t know, a new job, speaking in front of a group, or even attending a party with people you don’t know? You know that feeling of being uncomfortable, nervous and withdrawn?

I used to get the heebie jeebies speaking in front of groups. In fact, one time as a teenager, I was supposed to speak in front of my church, I had memorized a poem, and I felt pretty comfortable with it. I stood up in front of the group and about ¾ of the way in, I was so nervous that I totally forgot it. My mind was so blank – I could not (more…)

The One Minute Headache Cure

Posted by Holly Stokes on May 28th, 2010

Just yesterday I was reminded of this amazing tool as my Portland office (Integrative Chiropractic Wellness Spa) was hosting Ladies Night. One of my colleagues came in and mentioned she had a splitting headache, she described the symptoms and it sounded like a migraine.

I can’t help myself, if you ever complain of a headache in front of me, guaranteed, I will be running through this quick and easy process with you. She said she was open to trying 1 min. of NLP, so here’s what we did.

Imagine that I’m going to suck that headache out of your head and hold it in my hand (I motioned like I was pulling the headache out and held my hand out in front of her). As you look here in my hand, what does it look like?

She said, “It’s a green mass”

I asked, “If it had a message for you, what would it be?”

She said, “to relax.” She further explained that she had a lot of things going on in her personal life and had felt rushed with little time for herself and family lately.

So I said, “Now as you take the positive message to relax, that part of your mind that has made the headache, is it willing to focus on relaxing internally even though the world around you is busy?”

She answered, “yes”

“And now, we can recycle this old headache out to the light of the sun, and all the positive messages and insights can come back to you as a ray of light, and you can even imagine a light shining down through the top of your head filling all the space the headache has left, letting it soak in with that wonderful sense of relaxing into all those places of your head, and you can even imagine a bubble of light wrapping around you as a reminder that you get to choose what you want to keep in your bubble, you can choose to feel comfortable and relaxed within your bubble, would that be okay.”

“yes, that would be good.”

How does your headache feel now?

“it feels lighter, more open.”

3 hours later I checked in with her after the event was over, “How does your head feel?” “Good” she said, “the headache is gone.” This simple process took only about one minute, and here are the key elements to understand:

The symptoms we experience in our body are often trying to get our attention to take an action in our life, or to relax more, or to take care of ourselves in some way. Symptoms are messengers, what is the message? When you acknowledge the message, and internalize the response, as we let her mind focus on relaxing internally (because she didn’t have the time to put her feet up right then), the mind can take care of it automatically.

When you get the message, it relieves the need for the symptom. Your body is trying to work for you, even when it experiences pain and symptoms.

Stress is becoming a bigger factor in our culture, as our technology is speeding up, so are the demands on our time. Here is my webpage with tips and tools for reducing stress:

Roadmap to Success!

Posted by Holly Stokes on May 7th, 2010

Creating Your Roadmap to Success. What is your next level of success? Would you like to step into your next level? In life, health, or business, the principles of creating change are the same. Create your Roadmap to Success with this NLP process designed to give you insight into each level of change that you need to address in order to create what you want in your life now.

As you answer each of the levels, you’ll find practical strategies for making it happen, create internal alignment to having it, and adjust your internal radar to making it real in your life.

Identify what you would like to have, be, or accomplish, and state it in positive language. For example, I want to boost my sales 20%. What do you want?

Then walk through this exercise, noticing the insight from each level of change. I recommend writing your insights down as you go through which will give you a roadmap to getting there.
”    What would you need to change in your environment to have this?
”    What behaviors would need to change to support this?
”    What capabilities or resources would you need to change?
”    What beliefs might you need to shift?
”    What values would you need to change to have this?
”    How might you shift in identity to align with this having? Who will you be when you have achieved this?
”    Who else would be affected by it? Who else will benefit from you having this change? Friends, family, people they influence?  Imagine taking it on fully, as if you have it now, then bringing this higher awareness back with you through each level with you, notice what else is shifting for you through each level.
”    What has shifted in your identity to take this on?
”    What has shifted in your values to take this on?
”    What has shifted in your beliefs?
”    What has shifted in your capabilities or resources?
”    What has shifted in your behaviors?
”    What has shifted in your environment?

This is called, Neuro-Logical levels of Change, and is based on Gregory Bateson’s work of integrating change.
Stop struggling! It’s time to be working smarter! Yes – You can have the life, body, and business you want, and with practical tools, you can make it happen one step at a time! What’s your next level? Share your goals with us:

Rethink your Possibilities

Posted by admin on January 22nd, 2010

It’s time to rethink your possibilities. We are living in a very exciting time, when the boundaries of our world are constantly being tested and redefined. Old ideas and beliefs about the world and who we are in it are rapidly changing and new possibilities are presenting themselves. There are examples of all extremes present in every facet of life. Even during times of recession, there are examples of those who are struggling as well as examples of those who are doing very well. The money doesn’t just go away (more…)